Massive ‘Earthquake Bomb’ From WWII Explodes

13 okt 2020
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A World War II bomb exploded underwater as a team tried to defuse it. The powerful blast sent a column of water into the sky, and shook buildings and boats nearby. Thankfully, nobody was injured. The Polish Navy had been working to defuse the bomb. It had been resting near the Baltic Sea, 40 feet beneath the surface, for 75 years. The 19 foot bomb held more than 5000 pounds of explosives, and was known as a “Tallboy,” or “Earthquake bomb.”

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  • That could have been an easy target for junkshops here in the Philippines.

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  • So we’re just gonna ignore the rhyme in the beginning.

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  • If i can prove that i never broke the law do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw

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  • “Nobody was injured” Fish: Am I a joke

  • Fish after killing humans: Finally inner peace

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  • This bomb after 75 years its show time

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  • "Nobody was injured!" Except for all the sea life that were just minding their damn business.

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      HiroHiro19 timmar sedan

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  • Wait, poland has a navy?

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    • @kolim jone wdym yes i did copy it from a meme

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    • This isn’t search and destroy

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  • The fish wasn't evacuated!

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  • Can only imagine the wild life that died very sad

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  • "It shock buildings and boats nearby" *excuse me, WHERE?*

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  • Noooo the poor fishyies! 😢 Lola

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  • 75 Years Ago: British Plane: drops Tall Boy Pilot 2: Hey umm, one of them didn’t go off.. Pilot 1: Eh, that’s for the futures people to deal with.

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  • 2020 just got more crazier

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  • A bomb is still active that any moment it can explode How ever the police and people try to deactivate the bomb The bomb:fine I will do it myself

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    • lol the bomb was a suicide bomber

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    • (Nuclear bomb explodes) Humanity: Were fine Fish: THEY ATTACKED US, FIRE BACK

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  • Thankfully nobody was injured Fish: umm I could’ve died

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  • Wait what about the radiation or was it not that nuclear

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  • Bro that thing is HUGE

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  • This isn’t search and destroy

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  • The powerful bomb shook water into the sky as is shook people and buildings nearby -News host

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  • Some Grandpa out there: *Vietnam war flashbacks*

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  • The bomb was able to live its true potential! So long so patient.

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  • Who would win: Polish Bomb Squad? OR One *Tall Boi*

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  • I would like to know where the bomb was exploded

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  • (Nuclear bomb explodes) Humanity: Were fine Fish: THEY ATTACKED US, FIRE BACK

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  • Good thing no one was fishing in that spot lol that would have sucked

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  • So nobody went death by being right next to it? How.......water makes noise worse so wtf

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  • *"nobody was hurt"* *What about FISH*

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  • Awesome video

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  • thats why i heard a big boom boom noise a week ago

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  • bomb has been defused unsuccessfully

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  • I can’t believe they named the bomb tall boy

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  • Wow! Can't believe back then people were crazy enough to create hundreds of bombs 💥 like that! That's really scary I hope there will be no more wars 🙏🏾

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  • Tall boy bomb ... use earthquake ...FISH fainted

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  • I doubt it was a WW2 Bomb. Could be a cover up of experimenting a new war fare. The did in disguise what Kim from Korea does openly. If it had to explode it had 75 years. They tested something.

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  • Anyone else, close calls on camera

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  • So yeah, ww2 still sucked

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  • Wonder what type of bomb it was

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  • Heres the full story- this is in Australia and the reason why it was there is because a British plane tried to bomb a german boat but missed it and landed in the water and it was not safe so they did that-

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  • "Thankfully,nobody was hurt" Birds: pecks feathers traumatically

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  • “The bomb no longer poses a threat to the community” *shows picture of radioactive contaminated water*

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  • The plan that dropped bomb finding out that it finally exploded after 75 years👁👄👁

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  • Allies: Still terrorizing Europe 75 years later.

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  • These bombs mainly caused shockwaves by falling at terminal velocity, although the explosion was a huge factor too of course.

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  • Someone set a timer for the bomb for 75 years That’s dedication

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  • Not a single tall boy in the old footage

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  • Ain’t no one gonna talk about that one time the USA accidentally dropped a nuke on their own people. For real though search it up.

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  • America

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  • Fishing in Poland 🇵🇱

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  • And how was the guy defusing it alright ?

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  • Deaths: People:0 Fish:**1000**

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  • "Tall boy"

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  • I guess bomb was kinna like Internet Explorer.

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  • T A L L B O I

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  • "Nobody was injured!" Except for all the sea life that were just minding their damn business.

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  • The bomb was called a “tall boi” I like that name

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  • Remember both the soviet union and the us lost alot of atomic bombs let that sink in 😏

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